How to prepare your continence aid to maximise use

Preparation is the key for better performance.

Let's face it discussing adult incontinence products and how to get the most out of them might not be the easiest topic in the world to discuss. The fact is though there are many people that rely on incontinence products to manage their daily life and get out and about in the community, adult diapers / nappies, pull ups and insert pads help to maintain a high standard of living. Having high functional products that offer that person protection is a very important to ensure they can go about there daily business with confidence, without worrying about leaking or having accidents. This guide will provide you information to make sure that you get the most out of your or your patients incontinence products. 



Why do we need to prepare the Incontinence product?

Adult Diapers / Briefs / Nappies what ever you prefer to refer to them as are mass produced in factories, with the majority of brands being manufactured in Asian countries in particular China.

Adult Nappies as a commodity are very bulky and take up a lot of space. They need to be packed into shipping containers so they can be transported by sea to their destination. Hence when they are manufactured and put in there bags and cases the manufacturer will try and squish them in as tight as possible to maximise the number of aids per bag / case.

Why is this bad?

Adult briefs contain SAP ( Super Absorbent Polymer ) These are the crystals that soak up liquid and help to keep you dry. When the manufacturer packs these products the SAP is forced together.

The adult diaper / nappy / brief / aid also has a specific uniquely designed shape that the manufacturer has designed that when it is packed flat, folded and put into packets it looses its shape unless you prepare the product before application. The improper preparation of the product may increase risks of leaks and unwanted damage when applied to the person and may cause discomfort.

Adult Diaper fresh out of packet

How do we get the maximum use out of our products?

When you take a wrap around product from the bag to get the best performance it's best to put a little preparation into product.
We Basically want to loosen up the SAP within the product to allow more efficient absorption of liquid. It also helps to make its shape perfect before putting on.
1.) Take product out of bag and open it up.
Product Opened up after taking from packet ( Notice how flat it is )
2.) Imagine a centreline running from front to back of product. You want to fold it in half down that centreline and then run your fingers down the centre. Open up you will already notice product will be forming the shape of what it will be like once it has been applied.
Product being folded down centreline
3. ) Moving from front to back you should roll the product with aim of loosening the SAP.
After you have completed this process you will notice a transformation in your product. It will start taking the shape of what it will look like when applied. You can see in the photo the tall standing leak guards are now not flat and will offer better protection from leaks for the wearer. 
Product appearance after folding and loosening up SAP. 
4.) Whilst those steps may sound like it takes long, the whole process should take 30 to 40 secs maximum. The product will perform considerably better. 

I hope this information was helpful for you. 

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