Brightlives NDIS Continence Assessments


We understand the challenges faced by NDIS participants in ensuring the right products and equipment are recommended to enhance their quality of life in reference to Incontinence.

We often have enquiries forwarded to My Online Medical Supplies in regards undertaking continence assessments. Whilst we do have great customer service and in depth product knowledge of high quality continence care products that we supply across Australia,  We do not have the ability to undertake continence assessments.

We would like to highly recommend the team at Brightlives should you need a continence assessment carried out. These assessments can be carried out via online consultation. Making this service available Australia wide.

Brightlives, are excited to inform you about there, availability for comprehensive continence assessments designed specifically for NDIS participants.

Why Choose Brightlives for Your Continence Assessments:


  1. Clinical Reasoning: Our reports go beyond product recommendations; they provide NDIS with in-depth clinical reasoning behind each suggested item. This ensures a holistic understanding of the client's needs and requirements.
  2. NDIS-Focused Design: Our reports are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This means seamless integration into the NDIS process, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  3. All-in-One Solution: Our reports include a detailed quote for recommended products, letters to specialists or doctors (if required), and a list of necessary resources for the client. This comprehensive approach simplifies the entire process for both participants and NDIS coordinators.
  4. Client-Centered Approach: We prioritise the unique needs of each client, and our assessments are conducted with the utmost care and consideration. Our goal is to empower NDIS participants to lead fulfilling lives with the right support.

How Can They Assist You:


  • Schedule a Consultation: Let us discuss how our comprehensive continence assessments can benefit your clients. We are available for a consultation at your convenience.
  • Streamlined Process: Our team ensures a smooth and efficient process, from assessment to report delivery. We understand the importance of timely and accurate information in the NDIS sector.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether it's adaptive equipment, assistive technology, or other support resources, our assessments are tailored to each individual's unique needs.


Brightlives Continence Assessments

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