Waterproof Silence Pant Pink Stars 2XL

Waterproof Silence Pant Pink Stars 2XL

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The classic Silence Pant has a whole new fit for 2021 with more practical sizing and leg openings.

Silence pants are durable and easy to care for. This is our most comfortable pant. It is excellent for daily active wear.

The Silence Pant is cooler than other waterproof pant in thanks to it's breathability.  With a bit of stretch it provides a lightweight, comfortable, reliable fit.

A wide crotch can accomodate pads, washable and disposable diapers.

Please measure to fit legs first, then measure to fit waist/hip.

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Size Waist Max Hip Leg Crotch
Youth (xxs) 21"-27"(53cm-68cm) 30" (76cm) 14"-17" 35cm-43cm

8.75" 22cm

Teen (xs)

24" to 30" (61cm-76cm)

33" (84cm) 17"-20" 43cm-51cm 9.0" 23cm
Small 28" to 34" (71cm-86cm)  38" (96cm) 18"-22" 45cm-56cm 9.5" 24cm


33" to 41" (84cm-104cm)

45" (114cm) 22"-26" 56cm-66cm 10" 25cm
Large 36" to 47" (91cm-119cm) 50" (127cm) 25"-29" 63cm-73cm 10.5" 26.5cm
XL 42" to 54" (106cm-137cm) 57" (145cm) 28"-32" 71cm-81cm 12" 30.5cm
2XL+ 50" to 63" (127cm-160cm) 68"(172cm)

30"-37" 76cm-94cm

14" 35.5cm
Bariatric 1 (3XL-5XL) 56"-76" (142cm-193cm) 82" (208cm) 33"-42" 84cm-106cm 17" 43cm
Bariatric 2 (6XL-8XL) 72"-102" (182cm-259cm) 108" (274cm) 37"-46" 94cm-117cm 22" 55cm

Made in Canada with 100% food grade Canadian PUL and latex free elastics.